Lightforce 170 "Striker" Driving Lights
The 170 STRIKER outperforms many larger lights and is one of our most popular models. It's compact size makes it an easy install on most vehicles and with a set of Combo or Spread filters it is extremely versatile creating an ideal peripheral light pattern. This Light comes in the Standard 100 watt Xenophat Bulb or you can upgrade to our 55w HID Version boosting your light output by over 200%.
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Lightforce 140 "Lancer" Driving Lights
This rugged 5.6 inch lights are equipped with features and components synonymous with our larger lights, however the 140 is small enough to install almost anywhere on any vehicle. Like all Lightforce lights, this light offers the exclusive variable focus feature and accepts Lightforce special purpose interchangeable filters. The 140 is a lean, mean lighting machine. Uses the 75 watt Xenophot bulb. Sold in pairs. Wiring not included.
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Lightforce 210 "Genesis" Driving Lights
The Genesis 210 took into account every desirable feature and performance parameter. Combined with innovation, Genesis delivers epic performance. Equally at home on any vehicle as it was designed to fit in the popular standard 210mm type dimensional envelope.
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Lightforce 240 "Blitz" Driving Lights
If you desire long distance, power and value for money, the 240 BLITZ is certainly worth considering. The lightweight 240 is our most powerful light, sporting a massive 9.5-inch parabolic reflector and 100 watt Xenophot Bulb. No other light offers illumination of this magnitude with such functionality as a variable focus. Clearly, there is no competition for this massive off-road light. Sold in pairs. Wiring kit sold separately
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